Sage advice for entrepreneurs often includes the suggestion to focus on a personal need. Guess & Know began as a personal need... of my wife! As the Children's Ministry Coordinator for our church she wanted to finish the school year off with a really fun activity that would get everyone involved. So for a couple of years she printed out pages of categories and point value grids, and adult volunteers kept score on whiteboards, and one parent contributed an electronic buzzer system and all was good. But many aspects of keeping track of the game impeded the momentum which dampened the fun. So I began work on an app for the iPad that she could use as the game host. This early prototype of Guess & Know was used at the end of the 2011-2012 school year and was very successful at improving game flow.

The electronic buzzers helped the game host to know who had buzzed in, but they didn't prevent contestants from buzzing in too early, either by accident or because they were trying to beat others out. That situation was the impetus for Guess & Know Companion. Users of the Companion app can only buzz in once the question has been displayed. And when they do, the host is alerted to who buzzed in first so he or she knows who to call on for the answer. This makes for very smooth game play for both the host and the contestants.

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