Your copy of Guess & Know has a sample game included with it. This sample game is intended to spur your thoughts about what categories might make a fun game for your next get together. If you're still having trouble thinking of situations where this kind of game could be a lot of fun, don't worry! We've put together some sample category lists we're happy to share below!

Family Reunions

Ideas Reunion

Family reunions are a great opportunity for a night time game of Guess & Know: A day or so into the reunion, once the ice is broken and some antics have undoubtedly cropped up, get one or two family members to create a bunch of questions and gather everyone around the big screen TV for some fun and laughs!



Ideas School

School and Education often involve confirming knowledge retention, and Guess & Know is a very fun way for students to have a little gentle competition while reviewing material the teacher wants to ensure they know before a test.

Work and Office

Ideas Office

Meeting Planners are always looking for ways to change things up at company meetings both big and small, and Guess & Know can make for a really welcome diversion from the typical methods of content delivery used in business.


Bars and Pubs

Ideas Pubs

Bars and Pubs entertain a diverse clientele and already have big screen TVs, so Guess & Know can offer them a fun differentiation from other establishments nearby. And with a steady infusion of new players, they can reuse games and also call upon the contestants of one night to make up the questions for the next night!

Sunday School

Ideas Sunday School

Sunday School coordinators can plan an end-of-year Guess & Know game to close out the year on a high note. Pit the grade levels against one another — and don't forget to have a team of clergy members to really get the competitive juices flowing!

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